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Ron van Dam 

Ron van Dam was born in 1965 in Dirksland in the Netherlands. He is a self-thaught painter who likes to work with acrylic paint and mixed media. The human figure has always had a prominent place in his work. In recent years he has specialized himself in portrait painting. He takes inspiration from photographs, alowing him to unveil the unique characteristics in every face. By merging paint with newspaper or magazine clippings and posters into his latest work, he creates stimulating acryl and mixed media art finished with a deep shine of rasin. This is a labor-intensive and time-consuming process, requiring a lot of searching to find the right color and print for the painting he is making. Due to the applied pictures and writing, there is also a greater difference in perception of distance and closeness to the work. Close by, the applied images and writing can be seen more clearly, which have been incorporated into the painting. This gives a different experience of the painting.

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